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  1. Mentor Interview: Dave Churchill of Memorial University

    David Churchill is an associate professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada who specializes in artificial intelligence for real-time strategy games. His work on applying AI solutions to Starcraft goes back to his PhD studies in 2011, through to the present day. His course lectures on game development in C …

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  2. Mentor Interview: JTStephano

    Developer of StratusGFX.

    The github repo for StratusGFX humbly states:

    Realtime 3D rendering engine. Expect bugs and instability as it is still under development. The engine is free and open source (licensed under MPL-2.0). Please feel free to contact me about any questions or issues you have!

    I sent …

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  3. McRogueFace: EngJam Midpoint Devlog

    I'm doing my best to make my design goals a reality during EngJam 2023, the inaugural jam for game engine development.

    I'm participating in the jam, as well as trying to "run the jam". There are only six participants, none of which have made a single community post since the …

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  4. Mentor Interview: Mike Blodgett from Halftone Gaming

    Developer of BloodDome99.

    The Steam description for BloodDome99 says:

    80s arcade meets modern horde-survival roguelike. Create unique builds, master dozens of weapons, and kill ever-growing hordes of contestants in the retro-futuristic gladiator gameshow BLOODDOME99

    BloodDome99 is a twin-stick shooter with randomized powerups, available for wishlist on Steam and planning a …

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  5. Mentor Interview: Palandus (Jason Roberts)

    Developer of Empires of Eradia: Cataclysm of Chaos.

    Palandus was kind enough to speak with me about his work on TCOD and the customizations he had to make to support his requirements. His project has been in development since 2018 and I'm incredibly grateful for his input. We share a …

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  6. Timekeeper Incremental, a Game Jam Submission

    Game Jamming in 2022

    Here's my report on doing a 2-week game jam that started on the first day of the year.

    Let me summarizing by saying I loved the team, had a great time, learned a ton, and would love to work with any/all of them again. So …

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